IPC for your kids corners, play systems and kids corners

Safe and durable

No loose parts

Dutch product

In accordance to EN norm

Unique Design

Distinctive and inviting


so cost-effective


The base of any kids corner, from small to large, is the "concept" behind it.

Together with our customers we want to reach the maximum every time, thinking of safety, fun, environment and functionality and have these concepts complementing eachother.

Because of our thorough knowledge of the market and our creativity, we are able to create appropriate solutions. We will work out our joint ideas into original kids corners, where children can safely play and enjoy.

Please challenge us, so we can be creative!

International Play Concepts (IPC) offers a great variety of playingconcepts for children. Ofcourse every product is guaranteed safe in its use in public spaces, like restaurants, waitingrooms and shops. Expert employees will assist you in setting up your playcorner best suited to the possibilities of your company. IPC offers:

  • Interactive Playcomputers and Dvd-units
  • Inside playgardens
  • Keebee Playsystems
  • Outside Playsets
  • Keebee Playmodules
  • Comfy concepts
  • Childrens chairs and tables
  • Outdoor Fitness sets
  • Beadstables
  • Lego tables
  • School and daycarecentre furniture
  • Soft Play-elements

Are you seeking advice or more information on placing a playcorner in your company? Send us a message through the contactform or send an email.


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